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Image by Tetiana SHYSHKINA

Why Tri-Starr?


Tri-Starr Investigations, Inc has been reliably serving its clients since 1992.  We have built a name and a reputation synonymous with trust and delivering results.  We strive to keep and maintain this status each new day, each new case.


We have trained investigators ready to go out and get the job done.  We are confident that with each new case you will see the same level of attention to detail as the last.

Cutting edge technology

In this ever evolving technological world we live in, it is imperative to constantly evolve with it.  We put a lot of resources into NaviStarr, our online case management system, so that we can deliver timely reports and keep your case data online and secure.

Clear and concise reporting

We want to make sure you are seeing what you need, right away.  With careful consideration, we craft a summary section so you don't have to spend time in a sea of paragraphs to find the key parts you are looking for. 

Constant Contact

We keep in touch with our clients throughout the case.  You are the mission, and as such we want to make sure we deliver the best possible results.  That means knowing what you know initially and keeping you updated with what we uncover.

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