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Roger Rehorn


With thirty-five years of experience in conducting fraud investigations across the U.S., Mr. Rehorn has managed and led various types of sophisticated fraud investigations; including, Embezzlement by corporate executives, major Inventory Thefts, Conflict of Interest cases and Misappropriation of Assets in a variety of situations involving high net-worth individuals.

Daniel Lindsey 

Daniel Lindsey is the Chief Information Officer at Tri Starr Investigations and provides leadership for the continued development of an innovative, robust, and secure information technology environment. He has developed and lead teams of developers on large scale multi-discipline platforms. And continues to stay on the cutting edge of security protocols in the IT industry.

Tim Savage


Having 20 plus years in the Security Industry, Mr. Savage has worked to develop protocols and standards relating to physical security for some of the largest retail stores and has worked with various Agencies on fraud and theft cases across the country. Mr. Savage has trained and leads teams on penetration testing, covert surveillance and investigations.

Tina "TLC" Chambers
National Account Executive
Many of you will already know Tina from her many years of Record breaking sales, but most likely it is because of her personal "TLC" touch that she gives to all of her Clients! She has been in the Industry but she got her start right here at Tri-Starr and we are so very happy to have her return and bring her "TLC" back to the Family!
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Our Investigators 

At Tri-Starr we strive to have the HIGHEST quality Investigators in the industry. We provide in-house and in-class training to ALL of our Investigators. We standardize the equipment so every Investigator or Agent can participate without a lag of production or QUALITY! Our Investigators hold certifications in Fraud, Fire, Accident and Forensic Investigations. Our Security Agents participate in ongoing training for Physical Security and Environment Penetration Strategies as well as Facility Hardening Techniques.

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