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What We Do

Since 1986, Tri-Starr Investigations, Inc. has been a leading investigative firm. Headquartered in Georgia, Tri-Starr operatives regularly conduct investigations throughout the United States and abroad.

Tri-Starr Investigations Inc. (TSI) is a premiere investigative and security firm ready and able to provide professionally tailored programs specifically designed to meet the needs of our clients.  TSI handles thousands of complex investigative cases each year for companies throughout multiple industries.

From Insurance Claims to Corporate Fraud, to Domestic cases, TSI has qualified operatives ready to get you the results you need.  We offer Video Surveillance, Compensabilty Investigations, Background Searches, and C&O investigations among others.

Our success lies collectively in the belief that quality customer service not quantity of work is the cornerstone for success. We simply believe that our clients must benefit from our services and we must work hard to keep them. It’s that simple.

Our philosophy is providing the best investigative service possible. Guaranteeing this policy requires focus on hiring employees who share our commitment to excellence. Employees receive extensive training on information gathering techniques, legal issues and customer service. Throughout the years, we have learned the right formula to success; it is a blend of company focus on each employee with diligent attention to our clients’ complete satisfaction. Our strategy has not changed, but our ability to deliver on that strategy—and to meet and exceed your needs—continues to expand each year.

An early adopter of new technology, Tri-Starr Investigations has long been a company that embraces change. This, coupled with the fact that Tri-Starr strives to conduct superior investigations and deliver comprehensive and informative results has made Tri-Starr one of the leading investigative companies in the industry.

Over the course of the past few years Tri-Starr has evolved greatly, investing heavily in infrastructure and technological development to better manage cases and communicate to its growing client base, investigators and support staff. One of the fruits of this labor was the internally developed NaviStarr™ online case management system. NaviStarr™ is unique because it was developed by investigative professionals who are familiar with the needs of insurance adjusters, legal professionals and business managers. Careful measures have been taken to ensure that Tri-Starr is able to effectively service paperless companies with ease and to provide an environment where information entrusted to us is secure and confidential.

If privacy and security are important to your business, I urge you to take a tour of ours. Business relationships are built on trust and reliability, both of which are core principals of our business. When we say, “Security isn’t an expense, it’s an investment”, we mean it.

Our business forecast is optimistic. We will continue to explore and utilize new technology designed to facilitate the exchange of information. Tri-Starr Investigations will continue to focus on our mission: to deliver superior customer value through innovative products and accurate information delivered on a timely basis. Our promise to you is that we will work harder than ever to provide you with the information and data you need to make informed decisions.