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NaviStarrTri-Starr Investigations, Inc. is powered by NaviStarr v5.0 Technology, which streamlines our operations, linking field investigators to management to clients in a matter of seconds. Reports and video links are a click away with NaviStarr technology. Information-intensive businesses are often under deadline, and Tri-Starr’s NaviStarr technology can put the report and a link to obtained video on the client’s desk in seconds. The apparent benefits of increased productivity through improved analytics should not be ignored. In today’s business environment, speed and clarity of information are what you need.

NaviStarr directly e-mails the investigative report, a link to streaming video, photographs and updates directly to our client’s desktop, with around-the-clock access. This web-based system delivers the necessary information to the client and preserves reports for the future, should any further need arise.


Our proprietary Case Management System, NaviStarr v5.0, allows Tri-Starr to automate internal and external processes. NaviStarr provides TSImanagement quick and easy access to every segment of the investigation, and allows electronic delivery of updates, photos, or video clips on all cases directly to the client or field investigator.

NaviStarr technology is an innovative leader in case management. Cases can be created by registered users on-line, around the clock. Every case received by Tri-Starr is tracked on NaviStarr, from beginning to end.

Between our experienced staff and superior NaviStarr technology, Tri-Starr offers the best quality investigation and report product at the best value.

As a reminder, although we are technologically advanced, Customer Service is top priority at Tri-Starr. You can always call 770-388-9841 between 8 AM-5 PM EST, Monday-Friday, and speak with any representative.