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Tri-Starr Investigations, Inc.Insurance Claims Investigations

Insurance Claims Investigations

workinjury*Workers Compensation: 

Fraudulent Worker’s Compensation claims are hazardous to the financial health of your company.

In situations where you suspect that, an employee is not as injured as they claim to be, TriStarr experience surveillance staff can perform discreet video-surveillance to obtain the facts.

With over 25 years of insurance investigations, TriStarr Investigations will thoroughly review the case assignment and if necessary will locate, interview and obtain statements from witnesses regarding the reported accident. Once the assignment is complete, TriStarr will provide your company with a comprehensive investigative report including surveillance video of the claimant’s physical activities.

Key Services:

  • Recorded Interviews
  • Examination Under Oath ( EUO )
  • Video Surveillance
  • Hospital Sweeps
  • Life & Health Claims Services
  • Claims Compensability/On-Site Investigations
  • Fire and Explosive Investigation
  • Accident Reconstruction

*Fire Investigations:

Understanding commercial or residential fire scenes, as well as burn patterns and debris residue, are central to investigating the origin and cause of a fire.

fireinvestigationTri-Starr’s experience Fire Investigators cover every concern of a suspicious fire through interviews with owner (s), witnesses, neighbors and fire service personnel to draw conclusions in accordance with NFPA 921.

Key Services:

  • Debris Sweep
  • Fire Investigation
  • Fire Scene Assessment 
  • Engineering
  • Evidence Management & Storage

When an insurance company pays a policyholder for a loss, the insurance company has a right of subrogation against any person or persons responsible for the loss. The right of subrogation arises out of the automobile insurance policy, which is an indemnity contract. The right of subrogation allows the insurance company to pay its policyholder and then pursue the responsible party for the payments made.

When a Workers’ Compensation injury is caused by a negligent third party (other than the employer), the injured worker has the right to sue the wrongdoer for damages in civil court. The employer or insurance carrier also has subrogation interest – a right of recovery against the negligent party.

In such instances, there are 2 critical situational components to remember in determining if subrogation is warranted:

Unlike workers’ compensation, which is a no-fault system, in the civil arena the employer or insurer must show that the third party was at fault in order to recover claim costs.

If the employer’s negligence is determined to be a causal factor, their rights to recovery will be reduced proportionately. In such cases, it is critical that a thorough investigation is performed quickly in order to preserve evidence and protect the interests of the employer or insurer. Appropriate forms of investigation depend on the type of claim.

They include:

Reports – Police, OSHA, Index,

  • Photographs and surveillance tapes
  • Environmental studies
  • Product information, warranties, repair records, instruction manuals, invoices, shipping orders, maintenance logs, training records, etc.
  • Witness statements and depositions
  • Leases and rental agreements
  • Insurance policies and indemnification agreements

Property Claims Investigations:

Invalid or fraudulent property loss claims directly impact your company’s profitability. TriStarr Investigations is highly qualified and experienced in conducting a wide range of investigative services involving arson, suspected burglary, theft, hijacking, robbery or any act where deception may be involved. We have the ability, knowledge and expertise to perform all phases necessary in delivering a successful and conclusive investigation.

  • Litigation Support
  • Liability Claims Investigations
  • Case Management
  • Subrogation