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Tri-Starr Investigations, Inc.Corporate Leadership Team

Corporate Leadership Team

rodger-rehorn Rodger Rehorn, CFE
Founder & President
Tri-Starr Investigations, Inc

Rodger is the founder and President of Tri-Starr Investigations, Inc. His fraud investigations experience spans almost 30 years. He holds one of the industry’s highest designations as a Certified Fraud Examiner.
Over the course of his career, Rodger have managed various types of complex fraud cases including Embezzlement by corporate executives, organized Inventory Thefts, Conflict of Interest and Misappropriation of Assets in a variety of situations involving high net-worth individuals. Rodger has also assisted many insurance companies and their attorneys with investigations of property crimes including Arson for Hire cases throughout the U.S.

Rodger is a retired military officer and a Gulf War veteran.

In 2001, Rodger’s company created one of the first on-line case management programs called NaviStarr.
NaviStarr gives clients a centralized program to review their investigations. NaviStarr provides 24/7 access via a secured internet platform. NaviStarr allow clients the ability to supervise and monitor their investigations, communicate directly with the investigator, review the investigator’s daily status reports, observed photos, videos and all documents obtained doing the investigations. NaviStarr is our clients library for investigative reports.

Rodger professional experience includes;

  • Military Police Officer-
  • Georgia Police Academy – Major Crimes; Homicide, Rape & Burglary –
  • Corporate Investigator-
  • Certified in Kinesic Interview & Interrogation-
  • Certified Fraud Examiner-
  • Department of the Treasury Fire Academy-
  • Advanced Arson Investigative Techniques-

State of Georgia Certified Instructor for Private Investigations & Security

In 1991, Rodger opened his second company, HR-TruCheck, a nationwide pre-employment screening company providing clients with an array of background screening services.
In solidifying his concept of creating a total risk management group, Rodger started the Global Resource Group in 2002. GRG provides Fleet Management programs utilizing GRG’s Telematics Platform.

miguelMiguel Caraballo
Director of Operations

With over 25 years conducting fraud investigations across the U.S., Miguel Caraballo currently serves as Director of Investigations for Tri-Starr Investigations.

Miguel’s investigative career includes, serving as an investigator for Citicorp/Citibank in the credit card divisions of Visa and MasterCard, conducting locates and asset searches. He also worked for AIG, a worldwide insurance corporation, investigating subrogation claims files for over a decade. Miguel has in-depth experience investigating workers compensation claims, product liability, and general liability claims across the U.S. Southeastern region.

fritzFritz Drexler
Field Supervisor

Fritz has been with Tri-Starr Investigations since 2009 and has 10 years of investigative experience conducting surveillance, SIU, domestic, and Special Operations cases. He has been involved in many large-scale cases involving deep research, fact-finding, information gathering and analysis.

Fritz has been part of the Marine Corps Reserve for over 12 years and has participated in Operation Iraqi Freedom, Operation African Lion, and most recently in Operation Observant Compass with Special Operation Forces. Throughout these operations, he has served as an Intelligence Specialist, and Platoon Commander.

He is the recipient of a Meritorious Mast, two certificates of commendation, one Army Commendation Medal, and one Army Achievement Medal.