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Criminal Investigations: 

Criminal defense investigations are an integral part to many criminal cases.

Criminal defense investigators must be trained and experienced in order to thoroughly examine and verify many aspects of the case such as, law enforcement investigation, witness reports, witness health and credibility, and review evidence.

Often, criminal defense investigators are able to find inconsistencies in the prosecution’s case or in the evidence.

  • Embezzlement
  • Rape
  • Murder
  • Armed Robbery
  • Forgery

Criminal defense investigations are very specific in nature, but contain elements of a basic investigation. These include:

  • Complete witness background checks
  • Witness location verification
  • Evidence analysis
  • Polygraph examination
  • Surveillance
  • Crime reenactment using video equipment, Jury venire

Civil Investigation:

Our investigators are experienced and assemble the information needed for a civil trial. A civil trial is the opposite of a criminal trial. In most cases, this type of court case involves two individual citizens who are arguing about an issue that relates to their rights as citizens. For example, if one person sues another for damages caused in a domestic accident, the case will likely be tried in a civil trial. Civil investigations are utilized to gather the evidence that is essential to such a trial.

Child Custody:
Unfortunately, domestic situations including divorce and child custody cases, are part of our society.

Tri-Starr Investigations is experienced in the discrete investigation of a variety of domestic situations. Tri-Starr understands and appreciates that these matters must always be handled with the utmost discretion and consideration. Tri-Starr uses the most up-to-date techniques and equipment available to help you resolve your domestic dispute in a timely and responsible manner.


Providing proof from hiring a private investigator that specializes in infidelity investigations can assist a client with finding out if your cheating spouse or cheating partner is having an affair. The evidence we provide in our investigation proves “Inclination and Opportunity”.

Inclination is when two people observed holding hands, kissing or showing some type of affection beyond casual friendship. Opportunity is when the subject and suspect observed entering a motel, hotel, apartment, residence, and even a vehicle, just about anywhere that adultery can be committed.

Tri-Starr Investigations provides clients with details concerning your cheating spouse or partner with report and video documentation and suspect identifying factors with background research investigations. 

GPS Services

GPS tracking units are small and hidden inside or underneath the vehicle.  The units work best when attached underneath the vehicle to get a clear satellite signal. To learn more about Tri-Starr’s Global Positioning Satellite (GPS) services contact our operation center for complete details.

Other Key Services

  • Witness Statement
  • Skip Traces
  • Asset Searches
  • Witness Locates
  • Process Service
  • Missing Person Locate